Automotive Locksmith Prices


Locksmith Services offered:

Car openings – $115*
Spare keys for cars – $120*
Car lock repairs – $170*
Creation of keys to non-transponder cars – when all keys lost – $190*
Creation of keys to transponder or remote immobiliser equipped cars – when all keys are lost – $330*

Domestic and Commercial Locksmith ServicesMaster Locksmith

Opening locked doors – $120*
Service call only – $80*
Lock installations – $49*
Keys cut to code – $5
Alter a single lock – $35*
Lock repairs – $35* Per lock

*These prices are estimates based on common locking systems in Australian houses, commercial premises and vehicles.


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Customer Testimonial

On Time Locksmiths came out and were actually cheaper than what I was quoted. I think they quoted correctly based on what I told them over the phone but once they had a look at it found that the whole part didn’t need to be replaced and they actually had the spare bit with them.

The guy in the van knew his stuff when looking at my BMW as it only took him about 2 minutes to find the problem and about another 10 minutes to fix it!

I couldn’t be happier! Thanks guy!

Brendan РRandwick