We Open Safes in Sydney

We can open and repair your safe onsite quickly and at anytime.

Digital Combination & Key Safe

Digital Combination & Key Safe


  • Safes locks opened, changed and repaired
  • Combinations changed
  • Old locks upgraded to modern electronic locks


Safe Openings

We open Safes anytime day or night

Safe locks can malfunction, people lose keys, forget combinations and staff leave. These are all reasons why you might need someone to get into your safe.  

At On Time Locksmiths we have over 20 years in the industry and can open your safe without damaging it.  


Safe Maintenance

Safes should be checked annually.

Like most things with moving parts they can wear causing problems and the need for after hours call outs. Annual safe maintenance doesn’t cost you much but it does make sure your likelihood of having problems with it after hours is minimal.

Most safes used in a business environment rarely have their combinations changed. This is something we can do was part of your annual maintenance. Its quick, affordable and importantly gives you piece of mind.



Your On Call Safe Guy

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