Vw and Audi Keys Cut – Programed



On Time Locksmiths cut and program keys to all Volkswagen and Audi vehicles

From Early on up till the latest 2013 Volkswagen models.


It does not matter is you have lost all your keys or you are after a second key to replace your missing one.

You do not have to get your car towed to the dealer (costing you money) and then wait 10 to 15 working days for your key to be delivered from Germany.

We come to your car and complete all work on site, on the same day you book the job in.

VW keys have changed a lot over the years as the manufacturer upgraded the technology used in the keys to help keep your car from being stolen.

PRE 1996 Volkswagen

All keys up until the end of 1995 were just brass keys, no transponder at all.

The only protection these keys offered was just physical and cars of this era were often stolen with little more than a large screwdriver.


  VW Audi Keys3

1996 —> 1999 Volkswagen

From 1996 VW introduced the first transponder keys used on all their models of that year.

They retained the old style of key but had a very basic form of transponder in the head of the key (which now had to be plastic to avoid creating interference with the chip) known as a Megamos transponder.

The days of stealing cars with a screwdriver were over, HURRAH!

This transponder was very basic and could be easily cloned if you had a working key.

However, if you lose all the keys to your car it is not so easy to make you new ones.

To program new keys to any Volkswagen, you need a secret code or PIN code.

Before 2002 all new cars were supplied with a key tag that had a scratch off panel that revealed the PIN code to the owner.

Volkswagen WILL NOT reveal this code to you, EVEN IF YOU ARE THE OWNER as they simply do not have access to it now.

When you take your car into Volkswagen they hook it up to a computer and it talks to Hamburg in Germany and the secret key is transmitted from Germany back to your car to authorise the coding of the new key, the VW technicians never see this code.

The PIN code can’t be read from these old cars easily, we remove the immobiliser module from the car and strip the code from it manually.

It may take us an hour or two but it’s still faster than a 2 week wait from the dealer!


VW Audi Keys2

2000 —> 2006 Volkswagen

In 2000, Volkswagen made some radical changes to the physical key and the type of transponder used. The old “bladed” type of key got replaced with the current “two track” milled type of key.

It is often described as a “worm” type key by customers as the pattern left in the blade of the key when cut looks like a worm.

Volkswagen also introduced of the “flip” key, a key that would fold into the remote section of the key and was infinitely more cooler than the old style of key :)

Volkswagen also upgraded the transponder used in the key to the newer Megamos Crypto type.

To this day, this transponder still can’t be cloned and all new keys have to be programmed into the car diagnostically. Reading of PIN codes is a lot easier than the older models and most lost key jobs are completed within the hour.

Volkswagen made a small change at the start of 2004 to the transponder used in their keys.

Once again, they upgraded the transponder to the latest generation, called the Megamos Crypto CAN. This did not improve security but was needed as VW started using a new protocol to talk to different modules on the car, called CAN BUS.


VW Audi Keys

From 2007 Onwards Volkswagen

At the start of 2007, Volkswagen again upgraded the transponder to the new Megamos Crypto 2.

This new transponder held a lot more information than previous transponders and it became much harder to program a replacement key.

Most Volkswagens of this year also started using “component security”.

This meant that many of the modules(or components) in the car responsible for its operation are now coded with a sequence of numbers unique to that car. If the numbers don’t match up to the car, it will not start.

This was introduced to stop second hand parts from other cars from being used.

The car key is now part of that chain, the transponder has to be specifically precoded to the car before it can be programmed in.  

The latest Volkswagen keys for their high end models like the Passat, use a key which “plugs” into the dash and has push button start.


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